"A Pure Heart"

"A Pure Heart"

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The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is all about soul healingconsciousness expansion and the joy of life, and it expresses itself through nature, art and spiritual awareness.

All our Spiritual Jewelry items are unique pieces of art and energy healing treatments at the same time. They are also known as "Cardinal Method Wearable Sessions", which are deep, powerful and simple at the same time as they silently harmonize your energy field. 

Your body and soul can benefit from their natural beauty and powerful vibrations every time you wear them.

This Cardinal Method Necklace brings more connection and deeper awareness of the purity of your Higher Self.

Handmade with White Pearls, Clear Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Blue Labradorite, it encourages the best of life to come to you and infuses your soul with good vibrations, peace, and joyful energy.

The heart-shaped Clear Quartz pendant creates a direct connection between your Higher Self and your Heart Chakra, neutralizing generational trauma, enhancing your faith and expressing your pure divine essence through the center of unconditional love in your body.

Necklace length: 21 inches

Pendant Size: 1 inch

925 Sterling Silver Clasp

Handmade with love.

Natural crystals are very particular, so your piece will always be unique. It may have slight differences compared to the picture, and it will be perfect for you.