Inner Child Kit

The book YOUR CARDINAL CONNECTIONS by Paola Ranova teaches you two powerful self-healing practices with crystals: The Inner Child Practice and the Gratitude Flow.

You can get your own Inner Child Kits and the Crystals for the two Practices in our Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry Online Shop.

The "Inner Child Kit" was developed to help you expand your awareness of the inner child that lives inside you. It was also designed to help you heal the wounds of your inner child that may still be active in your unconscious mind, releasing the past, enjoying the present and allowing the future to unfold in the best possible ways.

The “Inner Child Kit” consists of a small tumbled natural stone, a crystal bracelet, an instructions bookmark, and a natural fiber pouch to place them in.

The energy movements in this process are fun and surprising - and extremely accurate. Trust the flow and joyfully welcome the crystal and bracelet in their colors and shapes as they come to you.

How to use your "Cardinal Method of Life Connection Inner Child Kit”

  1. Lie down and put the small crystal over your Heart or Solar Plexus (the Solar Plexus is on your stomach area). This crystal represents your inner child.

  2. Place the stone bracelet around the crystal, symbolically creating a circular healthy boundary around your Inner Child.

  3. Close your eyes and relax your whole body.

  4. Allow yourself to be in this state of bliss for a few moments.

  5. Think of yourself as a child between the ages of four and seven.

  6. As you think of yourself as a child in that age, feel any emotion that may surface.

  7. Allow your emotions to communicate with you. This process is very healing for your Soul.

  8. Take deep breaths and relax more and more. Do this for at least 10 minutes. you can set a timer to help you keep track of time if you want to.

  9. When you feel like the process is complete, open your eyes slowly and smile.

  10. Place the crystal and the bracelet on a bed of coarse sea salt and say a prayer of gratitude.

 The bracelet symbolizes a healthy boundary and has three purposes:

  1. It reminds you that you have a strong immune system that protects you from any harm that may come from the external world;

  2. It allows only what is benign for you to flow into your energy field, exactly like cell walls allow sufficient amounts of water and nutrients in, and throw the “garbage” out;

  3. The clear, strong silicone string is a symbol of your fascia, or connective tissue, which is where we store emotions in the body – and the clearer the fascia is, the healthier we are;

  4. The metal bead is a symbol of your North Node in your birth chart, which guides your Sacred Path;

  5. The Practice kindly places your Inner Child in its rightful, safe place within your psyche.

This simple practice not only heals your Inner Child - but it also invites your inner child in your life when it’s appropriate to have fun, and gives you strength to embrace your adult life with all the awesome energies that are available for you.

Purchase your " Inner Child Kit" and enjoy all the freedom & awareness it brings!