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Birth Chart Bracelet

Your Birth Chart bracelet is your personal symphony. Its main purpose is to elevate the vibrations of all energies in your Birth Chart. The results you’ll get from this experience come from keeping your mind, feelings, and thoughts in a healthy state.    If you see this bracelet as a consciousness reminder of the Light you have within, your high vibration will lead to increased clarity, emotional balance, motivation to take inspired action and more vitality. This all contributes to your general well-being. Your Birth Chart Bracelet is a way to visualize your soul’s state of evolution when you were born. It’s a reminder that the more you elevate your vibrations, the less vulnerable you’ll be to “the pull of gravity” and to...

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Our Spiritual Jewelry Malas

Meaning The term Mala is a short version of “Japamala,” in Sanskrit, which means wreath, garland or laurel. It is older than Christian rosaries and consists of a string of beads or seeds used to count chants, prayer, meditation affirmations, among others. Originally from Hindu traditions, it has been incorporated by Buddhist traditions and contemporarily by western cultures. The string is made of 108, 54 or 27 individual beads or seeds. These seeds or beads represent nadis, the Hindu term for energy channels in the body (similar to acupuncture meridians). Each chant on a bead or seed purifies and declutters one nadi in the body. The beads or seeds are also used to keep count while chanting or repeating a...

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Inner Child Kit

The book YOUR CARDINAL CONNECTIONS by Paola Ranova teaches you two powerful self-healing practices with crystals: The Inner Child Practice and the Gratitude Flow. You can get your own Inner Child Kits and the Crystals for the two Practices in our Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry Online Shop. The "Inner Child Kit" was developed to help you expand your awareness of the inner child that lives inside you. It was also designed to help you heal the wounds of your inner child that may still be active in your unconscious mind, releasing the past, enjoying the present and allowing the future to unfold in the best possible ways. The “Inner Child Kit” consists of a small tumbled natural stone, a crystal bracelet,...

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