Paola Ranova

Hi! I'm Paola Ranova, creator of Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry

I'm a Ph.D., University Professor, Author, Energy Healing Practitioner, and the creator of The Cardinal method of Life Connection and Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry.


Born and raised in Brazil, I’ve always been passionate about crystals. My hometown, Brasilia, was built on a very unique ecoregion called Cerrado, also described as a "tropical savanna" ecoregion. Underneath the town, there's a huge Quartz Crystal shield, and being very sensitive since childhood, I've always felt the power of crystals in my body, mind and heart very vividly.

Abundant rainfall and merciless drought that would often lead to extensive fires would take turns throughout the year in a powerful dance between these forces of Nature. Exquisite flowers, the energy of the mineral world and the vibrancy of waterfalls and twisted trees would nurture my soul and fill my heart with inspiration.


"The forces of Nature dance with power and grace in each piece of Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry".


Waterfall Necklace


I started studying crystals from a very young age, and in 2012 I decided to create a jewelry line based on the forces of nature and the wonders of the human soul.

I had already started developing the Cardinal Method of Life Connection, a consciousness-based energy healing modality, and from the Cardinal Method experiences I started creating "wearable sessions" or "wearable treatments" with crystals.

This soon became the line of jewelry I developed in Brazil and named Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry, which are not amulets, but consciousness reminders of the beauty of our souls.


"Crystals can be used as consciousness reminders of your soul's beauty".


 Labradorite Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry

The more I developed my consciousness-based energy healing practice, the more Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry became an expression of consciousness. A reminder of natural beauty - the beauty of Nature and the beauty of the Soul



"Connect to the beauty of nature and to the beauty of your soul".


Get on board in this incredible journey with nature, art, sounds and color. Connect to your Heart and explore the wonders of these pieces.

Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry is designed for you. What speaks to your Heart is the essence of your soul finding you in different places, coming from different directions, like butterflies playing in the wind and touching your path with pure Love and Grace.

"The best of life is ready for you".

Enjoy it!