Our Spiritual Jewelry Malas


The term Mala is a short version of “Japamala,” in Sanskrit, which means wreath, garland or laurel. It is older than Christian rosaries and consists of a string of beads or seeds used to count chants, prayer, meditation affirmations, among others.

Originally from Hindu traditions, it has been incorporated by Buddhist traditions and contemporarily by western cultures. The string is made of 108, 54 or 27 individual beads or seeds. These seeds or beads represent nadis, the Hindu term for energy channels in the body (similar to acupuncture meridians). Each chant on a bead or seed purifies and declutters one nadi in the body.

The beads or seeds are also used to keep count while chanting or repeating a mantra, chant, affirmation or prayer. Using a Mala can help you connect to your meditation practice, and it calms the mind down.

The Number of Beads

108 Beads

This is the complete Mala, which has one bead for each nadi. The number 1 stands for wholeness, the number 0 stands for emptiness, and the number 8 stands for infinity.

In the symbology of Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry, 1 stands for Light and symbolizes Great Spirit in Native American traditions. The number 0 stands for Great Mystery, the beautiful nurturing void of creation where everything comes from. The number 8 stands for infinite possibilities that come from your Higher Self, which contains all the human potential that you can manifest in your life.

It is especially useful to develop your Higher Self and your sense of responsibility for your choices and actions.

54 Beads

In this medium version, you will need two rounds to complete the connection of all 108 nadis. The reason why this is unique is that you can focus on one round for your feminine side, and on the second round for your masculine side. In Hindu traditions, the left side is the moon side, where the feminine energy resides, and the right side is the sun side, where the masculine energy resides. In family constellations, the left side relates to the mother’s ancestral lineage, and the right side, to the father’s ancestral lineage.

It is especially useful for family connection and ancestral healing.

27 Beads

When you use a 27-bead mala, also called a wrist mala, you will need four rounds to charge all 108 nadis. This mala is powerful because the number 4 grounds you and strengthens your Root Chakra, which has four petals.

It is especially powerful for people who have trouble with discipline and focusing their minds.


The Buddha Bead

The largest bead in your Mala is also known as the Sumeru, Stupa, Guru Bead, or Head Bead. It connects the mala to the tassel, or, in the symbology of Paola Ranova Spiritual Jewelry, the flow of life (mala circuit) to your root (tassel), and vice versa.

Silk Tassle

Traditionally, the tassel in a Mala represents the root of the lotus of your life.

In our Spiritual Jewelry handmade Malas, the Silk we use to make the Tassel comes directly from India. It’s rustic because it grows through the Earth, symbolizing the roots of your tree. It looks old because it could be something your ancestors could have worn too.

The loose threads in your Indian silk tassel represent subtleties coming out of your life. The more you use your Mala, the more impurities will surface and gently “evaporate” from your unconscious mind. This represents your self-improvement, a deliberate process of release. It’s an organic process, and it's alive. Silk is like the human soul that subtly perfects itself. As you go using the suitcase, it will loosen the lines

So do not pull the threads out of the lotus – cut them out gently, and treat this as a consciousness process. If you pull the loose threads from your Indian silk lotus root, you may damage your Tassel and symbolically destroy/rush the organic process of consciousness expansion. It would be ripping the cocoon to help the butterfly come out before she’s ready.

Instead of pulling the threads off, gently cut them with scissors. This can be another meditative consciousness process.