Inner Child Kit - "Magic Garden At Noon"

Inner Child Kit - "Magic Garden At Noon"

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All Inner Child Kits symbolize Healthy Boundaries in your life.

"Magic Garden at Noon" connects you to a clear state of mind (White Agate), to the masculine energy of the Sun (Yellow Jade), and to the love of Sunlight touching the Earth (Green Jade).

The crystals in your "Magic Garden at NoonInner Child Kit are:

  • Representing the Inner Child in the center: Red Jasper Tumbled Stone
  • Creating the Healthy Boundary: Amethyst, Black Agate, Red Jade, Blue Howlite, Green Jade, Blue Labradorite, Yellow Jade, Carnelian, and White Agate.

To learn how to use your Inner Child Kit, click here.

Natural crystals are very particular, so your "Magic Garden" Inner Child Kit will always be unique. It may have slight differences compared to the picture, and it will be perfect for you. 

Handmade with Love.