Inner Child Kit - Sacred Path "Ancestral Wisdom"

Inner Child Kit - Sacred Path "Ancestral Wisdom"

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All Inner Child Kits symbolize Healthy Boundaries, and the stones in the Sacred Path Collection represent Seeds of Life.

The "Crystal Seeds" in this Inner Child Kit represent Ancestral Wisdom that is passed on from generation to generation. This Inner Child Kit connects you to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh generations before you, empowering your Earth Chakra and strengthening your roots.

The Seeds of Life in your "Ancestral Wisdom" Inner Child Kit are: 

  • Representing the Inner Child in the center: Hematite Tumbled Stone that symbolizes grounding, spiritual awareness, and connection to the practical nature of Life, encouraging you to focus on what really matters.
  • Seeds of Life creating the Healthy Boundary: Black Obsidian, which guards us against all evil, Snowflake Obsidian, which promotes Ancestral Healing, and Sodalite, which brings Stability.

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Natural crystals are very particular, so your "Sacred Path" Inner Child Kit will always be unique. It may have slight differences compared to the picture, and it will be perfect for you. 

Handmade with Love.