"Ancestral Healing" Mala

"Ancestral Healing" Mala

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Create Ancestral Healing for yourself and your family with this Carnelian, White Pearl, Iridescent Purple Pearl and Red Garnet Mala.

  • Carnelian energy brings pleasure and abundance to Life, balancing your Sacral Chakra.
  • White Pearl brings soothing feminine healing to your family Soul, strengthening your Crown Chakra and bringing peace to all cells of your body. 
  • Rustic Iridescent Pearl brings creativity and new beginnings to you Third-Eye Chakra, releasing old negative patterns and repetitive family belief systems.
  • Red Garnet & Dark Gray Beads Tassel symbolizes the strength of your ancestors, balancing the Root Chakra and the chakras below it. 

Handmade with Love.

Natural crystals are very particular, so your piece will always be unique. It may have slight differences compared to the picture, and it will be perfect for you.