Inner Child Kit - Sacred Path "Family Strength"

Inner Child Kit - Sacred Path "Family Strength"

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All Inner Child Kits symbolize Healthy Boundaries, and the stones in the Sacred Path Collection represent Seeds of Life.

The "Crystal Seeds" in this Inner Child Kit represent "Family Strength", connecting you to your parents and grandparents in a healthy way. It strengthens the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, creating a strong energetic structure in your life.

The Seeds of Life in your "Family StrengthInner Child Kit are: 

  • Representing the Inner Child in the center: Carnelian Tumbled Stone symbolizes your inner child having fun and encourages you to enjoy Life. 
  • Seeds of Life creating the Healthy Boundary: Yellow Mookaite Jasper, which connects you to the Divine Masculine, Red Mookaite Jasper, which brings the Divine Feminine Energy, Golden Tiger Eye, which connects you to the best energies of your Father, and Red Jasper, which brings the Peace of Mother Earth and connects you to the best energies of your Mother.

To learn how to use your Inner Child Kit, click here.

Natural crystals are very particular, so your "Sacred Path" Inner Child Kit will always be unique. It may have slight differences compared to the picture, and it will be perfect for you. 

Handmade with Love.