"The Truth that Heals" Green Obsidian Mala

"The Truth that Heals" Green Obsidian Mala

 This Green Obsidian Mala is a powerful spiritual tool to connect you with the highest Truth.

In Native american wisdoms, Truth, Healing and Protection come together. Whenever we live in Truth, we are always protected, and always healthy.

  • The Green Obsidian beads connect you to the Truth of who you really are, and inspire you to live in the Truth in all your relationships.
  • The Black Obsidian Buddha Bead synthesizes all your connections to the Truth and  pure intentions, bringing wisdom.
  • The Deep Green and Black Indian Silk Tassel symbolizes Truth, Healing, Wisdom and Protection all the way down to your roots.

Connect to the Truth and be happy!

Handmade with Love.

*Green Obsidian may look black in the pictures, but it has a deep green sheen in the sunlight.

Natural crystals are very particular, so your piece will always be unique. It may have slight differences compared to the picture, and it will be perfect for you.